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INBOUND Teaches Us Something We Already Knew: Customer Is King

At HubSpot’s 2018 INBOUND conference, we learned that sales funnels are dead. It’s all about the flywheel now.

What You Can Learn From HubSpot's Evolving Content Strategy

The HubSpot blog has changed a lot since its inception, but it’s always been about delivering useful content in a variety of formats that benefits digital audiences the world over. It’s a model of content marketing success, and one that we can all learn from. To help you with your own content strategy, we’ll break down what’s so good about their content strategy, and what you can learn from it.

How To Improve Your Creativity By Defining A Process

Even though you may not think your work is in a creative space, I bet it is. Engineers have to come up with creative solutions to solving problems, all on a budget or within a certain spec. Marketers have to be creative with their content and tactics for lead generation. This kind of creativity is productive and makes a difference in the world, one way or another.

How To Add Automation To Your Business Processes

Automating your business is not just a nice thing to do; these days, it’s an absolute must. Why spend unnecessary time handling administrative duties or other repetitive tasks when your time is better spent talking to prospects and clients or just working to grow your business?

My Best Process For Publishing Blog Posts

I’ve been writing blog articles of one sort or another for ten years. First, I wrote on my cycling and hobby site, then for my own business. Now I write here, for occasional guest posts and for my clients.

Why Publishing Blog Posts On Time Is So Hard

Why is blogging so hard? What are the obstacles in your way? You know blogging is important, so what stops you from getting it done?

Here are my top three issues with posting new articles, and some tactics to overcome them.

[Infographic] 2018 Website Design Trends

This year is almost up, and so are the trends that redesigns followed. Thanks to Coastal Creative for this infographic on what to expect in 2018.

The Impact Color Can Make On Your Marketing Results

Always Consider Psychology of Color In Marketing

When you’re in the field of marketing, you have to have a clear understanding of what makes enough of an impact on the behavior of people to lead them to make a decision, because that knowledge will allow you to do your job more effectively.

3 Benefits For Being Consistent With Your Content

Blogging is hard. I should know, here I am preaching about how posting regular content is vital to your marketing efforts, and yet I’ve missed posting a blog for a few weeks. Sometimes client work takes priority, and other times life gets in the way.

Sitting down to brainstorm, research, write and edit, all before posting live on your site, takes dedicated time and effort that may be eclipsed by other priorities. Not to mention having to share that post on social media later on, and making sure images, SEO and a call-to-action are all set.

5 Best Practices for Website Redesign Success

Having been designing and developing websites since 1999, I've learned a few best practices that apply to any kind of website project. It doesn't matter if you're just making a few tweaks to a website, or redoing the entire thing. The content management system doesn't apply to these best practices, nor does the industry your company is in.

By keeping in mind these five ideas, your website redesign project plan will go smoother and with fewer glitches.

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Free 10-Point Checklist For Launching Your Own Inbound Marketing Strategy

Cut your research time short and start driving crazy traffic to your business with this proven 10-point inbound marketing checklist.