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How Storytelling Can Improve Your Inbound Strategy

From Aesop’s Fables to the Epic of Gilgamesh, the reason why stories survive the test of time and resonate with us through the ages is that they enable us to connect on an emotional level, not only with the characters, but also with the storytellers themselves. Throughout history, and all around the world, stories have been used as mnemonic devices, cautionary tales, and of course, a means of sharing the joy of an experience.

What You Can Learn From HubSpot's Evolving Content Strategy

The HubSpot blog has changed a lot since its inception, but it’s always been about delivering useful content in a variety of formats that benefits digital audiences the world over. It’s a model of content marketing success, and one that we can all learn from. To help you with your own content strategy, we’ll break down what’s so good about their content strategy, and what you can learn from it.

3 Benefits For Being Consistent With Your Content

Blogging is hard. I should know, here I am preaching about how posting regular content is vital to your marketing efforts, and yet I’ve missed posting a blog for a few weeks. Sometimes client work takes priority, and other times life gets in the way.

Sitting down to brainstorm, research, write and edit, all before posting live on your site, takes dedicated time and effort that may be eclipsed by other priorities. Not to mention having to share that post on social media later on, and making sure images, SEO and a call-to-action are all set.

Why Irregular Content Publishing Is Hazardous To Your Marketing

So, my blog has been a little quiet of late. For me it's the busy season, full of new clients and their projects, and existing clients looking to make improvements to their site, not to mention my clients on retainer whom I do regular work for.

Crush Writer's Block With These 5 Blogging Lessons

Creating content ideas that brings value to your prospects and clients is one of the hardest things to do as a marketer, especially if you need to do it on a regular basis for your company's blog.

Here are five blogging lessons that will allow you to rethink your content creation process and get over any writer's block you may have in creating new content ideas.

How to Easily Generate Valuable Blog Topics Every Week

Congratulations! Another week is over and you've just published a sterling article.

So now you're heading into the weekend full of excitement knowing you're getting a lot of readers and Facebook shares.

But let's be honest, deep inside something's bothering you.

I'm talking about "writer's block" or what I fondly call the “blank screen” syndrome. You think you've already exhausted all the topics you could write about your niche.

So now you're concerned.

You. Don't. Know. What. To. Write. Next.

7 Ways to Automate Your Business Marketing

"Time is more valuable than money."

"Work ON your business not IN it."

"Work smarter, not harder."

How many times have we heard these quotes?

I bet a lot.

We can even both agree how “cliché” these messages are. But we can’t deny there’s a truth behind them, especially in running a business.

We now live in an environment that's friendler for business than ever before. With all the tools, methodologies and resources available to us – most for free – anyone can start and run a successful business.

3 Ways to Squeeze Expert Knowledge Out of Your Coworkers

Your boss sent you an email; she wants you to write an article about the newest CRM platform inside sales is using.

The problem: you're not a techie.

Another problem: you're not in sales.

What would you do? Google? Wikipedia? Burn the midnight oil and send the article to her inbox before the deadline?

Well, it's possible you can beat the deadline and earn your boss' approval. But I bet a dime to a dollar it won't be as in-depth and as comprehensive as you'd like it to be.

I always believe in working smarter rather than harder.

What Is a Content Audit, and How to Use the Results

One of the culprits of poor sales conversion isn't the service nor the brand itself.

It's how businesses create, organize and distribute content.

However, there's a science to this madness – although it isn't a quick fix.

In fact, be careful of content marketing agencies who says they've conducted a quick audit and would like to get you as their client.

5 Simple Steps To Understanding Your Client's Business

There are not a lot of people who are skilled enough to get C-level executives listen to them and do what they recommend.

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Free 10-Point Checklist For Launching Your Own Inbound Marketing Strategy

Cut your research time short and start driving crazy traffic to your business with this proven 10-point inbound marketing checklist.