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About Me

Hi there!

I’m Ashley Hill, and while I currently work as a freelance consultant, designer, and developer, I’ve also taught web design at a liberal arts college, worked at HubSpot for several years and built WordPress sites for a decade. My first website was built by hand in 1999, so this is my 20th year of coding.

I live on the north shore of Massachusetts with my two pups and work remotely with most of my clients.

The clients I love to work with are people I would be happy to get drinks with. They’re welcoming and friendly, have targeted goals to plan for and are open to making changes in their marketing strategies and on their websites to meet and exceed those goals.


I’ve been honing my consulting and development process and this is what works best to be effective for my clients year after year. 

I work in weekly sprints, meaning I sit down at the beginning of the week and plan out the tasks and projects I’ll take care of that week. On Tuesdays, I do weekly or biweekly calls with clients, where we catch up since our previous call and look at what’s coming up. We use this time to solve quick issues, figure out what’s blocking projects and so I feel like part of the team. With some clients, I hop on their weekly team calls and really am part of the team.

The rest of the week is dedicated to deep work and being productive. Tasks sent over during the week either get scheduled for the following week or can replace something already scheduled if they’re more important or urgent. Generally, I’m available to chat via Slack for quick questions or to clarify a task when I’m not elbow-deep in a project.

Also available to my clients is my intern who can handle a wide variety of tasks, as well as my virtual assistant team who can handle absolutely anything related to inbound marketing and HubSpot.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can work together to improve your conversion rates, draw in new leads and enhance customer referrals, get in touch.

"Ashley is a great communicator, detail oriented, always friendly, and had a firm grasp of technical terms and the software she was supporting. She has a great ability to communicate in a way that can be understood by technical and non-technical personnel alike."

— Steve, former client

inbound marketing consulting and hubspot web design

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