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How To Do Email Marketing For Events

If you’re looking to drive attendance for an upcoming company event, one of the best tools you have at your disposal is email. An overwhelming majority of people check their email daily: an incredible 89% of people check their mail every day, to be exact. Americans check their phones on average, once every 12 minutes, and with mobile email, an email marketing campaign is the best way to publicize your event.

The Top 5 Things to Add to Your Evergreen Newsletter

Like evergreen trees which are perpetually full of life, evergreen content is sustainable and usable for months and years to come.  Generating evergreen content for a newsletter is a great way to continue to reach out to your subscribers, and the best part is, it saves you time from having to constantly generate new content.

Building an Evergreen Email Series

Running a website, marketing your company, and managing a business are not small tasks, and if you’re doing more than one of these at a time, or actually doing it all yourself, it can seem like you are working two (or more!) full-time jobs simultaneously. 

How To Edit To Have Concise Content

You’ve probably heard or read that long form content optimizes search results and gets your website more traffic. These long form articles rank well and can indeed help you convert website visits into real business, but just as valuable as these long articles are shorter, more concise articles that grab the attention of your readers with lots of information and a much lower word count.

Determining Your Site’s Tone of Voice

Your website, and in general, your brand, needs to come from a specific perspective— in otherwords, it needs to have a consistent voice. This is where tone becomes important. It’s an expression of your company’s values, and so for many, your website is the first place they will encounter your tone of voice.

How To Keep Your Website Content Fresh

So many small business owners spend lots of time and money establishing a perfectly curated, informative, eye-catching site. And then they abandon it, with no updates or changes to the form or content for months, or even years, at a time. When this happens, your website becomes like a stagnant time capsule. It perfectly describes your company at the time of publishing, but it does very little to keep visitors to your site in the know about all the progress your business has made in the meantime.

Benefits to Easy Navigation on Your Site

One of the biggest ways your website’s design can directly impact visitors’ interactions with your company isn’t a flashy graphic, cool video, or sleek typeface. What actually puts visitors at ease and encourages them to continue exploring your site is how simple it is for them to get around— how navigable your site is.

Improve Customer Loyalty And Boost Sales By Using Live Chat

So many companies have started to implement live chat features on their websites— it’s a trend that cannot be ignored. Especially since it has such a high rate of popularity among consumers.

Your Best Options for Email Marketing

Creating an effective email marketing workflow is tough. Where do you start? And what’s the best way to get emails read, click-throughs optimized, email lists managed, and professional looking emails full of great content and lots of personalization drafted? While email has been around for years, there are new innovations in email marketing that are making it a fresh, accessible way to promote your brand.

3 Books That Improved My Life (and a Giveaway)

Last year I read a number of books. Most I liked, some I didn’t, and a few I just couldn’t finish. However, there were three standouts that really changed how I work and view challenges. These three I can see myself reading over and over, learning something new every time.

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