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The Impact Color Can Make On Your Marketing Results

Tue, Nov 14, 2017

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Always Consider Psychology of Color In Marketing

When you’re in the field of marketing, you have to have a clear understanding of what makes enough of an impact on the behavior of people to lead them to make a decision, because that knowledge will allow you to do your job more effectively.


Many elements do affect how people decide, but few of them are as powerful as color. Then again, you don’t need to be an accomplished marketer—or a psychologist for that matter—to recognize the power color has over the attitudes and emotions of people.

In case you didn’t notice, all marketing materials—online or otherwise—have a color scheme, and in most cases, they weren’t put there by accident. The whole concept of the psychology of color revolves around the idea that different colors have various emotions, attitudes, values, and even physiological reactions associated with them. With a full understanding of these color associations, marketers, through creative graphics and effective web design, will have the ability to influence consumers with the right colors on their materials.

Let’s take a closer look at some of those colors and the images, emotions, and attitudes that are associated with them.

Red – Nothing creates a sense of urgency quite like red, which, as we all know, is the color of passion. For that reason, stores use it often when they are holding clearance sales. Red is also perceived as a color that projects energy, excitement, and power.

White –In the Western world, white symbolizes innocence, virtue, or purity. But it can also be about cleanliness and hygiene, a perception that is not lost on firms in the healthcare industry.

Yellow – The color yellow is all about warmth, cheerfulness, joy, and similar connotations. For some reason, we feel a bit more optimistic if we see the color. It can get a bit overwhelming though, especially when there’s too much of it.

If you want to know about the emotions and attitudes associated with other colors, check out the following infographic:

The Psychology of Color on Website Design Infographic

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