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Inbound Marketing and Why We Need to Take Advantage of It

Tue, Jan 5, 2021

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing works. I know it does because I've seen it firsthand.

  • at HubSpot when I worked in Support and spoke to customers around the globe
  • in my own business that I started from the other side of the world with nothing more than a vision and a laptop
  • with clients whom I work with today to build inbound marketing strategies and implement actionable tactics

We're all using inbound on a daily basis to grow our businesses, even with a pandemic going on. Below is actual traffic data from a long-time client who gets inbound. Green is good, organic search traffic from qualified leads.

Inbound Marketing and Why We Need to Take Advantage of It

There are companies who built their marketing strategy around inbound, who do few if any cold sales calls, who don't purchase lists, who grow their businesses sustainably and effectively.

So, why aren't you taking advantage of inbound marketing, yet?

Some barriers you may face could be:

  • not knowing how inbound marketing can help grow your business
  • not having buy in from your boss to redirect the marketing budget
  • not knowing how to get started

If this sounds like you then we should really talk.

The benefits to inbound marketing are:

  • creating content that showcase your expertise in your industry and drive leads for longer than a direct-mail campaign
  • informing and educating your leads so when they're ready to buy it's a short sales cycle
  • driving qualified leads without wasting money and time running ad campaigns against your competitors
  • and more, much more

Now's the time to get going on a new inbound marketing strategy. To get started, figure out your baseline numbers and goals, and start writing content, content, content. Here's another article of mine that lays it out: Where to Start with Inbound Marketing

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