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6 Tips for Managing a Facebook Business Page

Tue, Mar 10, 2015

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Since 2004 Facebook has been a growing source of leads and customers for many businesses. Using Facebook for marketing can be as simple as opening the Pages app on your phone, but using Facebook well means coming up with a strategy.

Here are 6 tips for managing your business's presence on Facebook.

Business pages > Personal page

Personal pages should be just that, personal. Sure, we have co workers on there, and maybe even some customers, but for the most part you should keep business matters on the business page. This lets your customers and potential customers hang out in one place and comment on your wall and photos. It also allows you to login as the page so you can comment AS the business all around Facebook.

Don't post anything you wouldn't tell your mother

Not only is everyone’s family on Facebook, but it’s a common practice to use Facebook for researching someone before hiring them. The same is true when it comes to your prospects and your business page. Treat your fans like your mother, and don't post anything that will get people upset. It’s fine to allow for some controversy or discussion, but keep in mind that just about everything on there is public.

Fill out the business page in total

Why businesses have Facebook pages, and don't fill out their profiles is beyond me. It's FREE CONTENT! It's getting your information out there for anyone to see! Also, sometimes I can't remember what a businesses website is (or it's a horrible website I never want to visit) but I know they're on Facebook, so I look there for information.

Follow other businesses

You should be following the companies you do business with, and you should even be following your competitors. Why? Well, they're probably following you. This also adds to your credibility when viewers see that yes, you do interact with other companies on the web, and are interested in what other people are providing. You can also be a good content marketer and share information from others with your followers.

Make sure to interact with others (don't just let it sit there)

It's a pretty bad sign when people post on your wall, and you don't respond. You should be adding 'checking Facebook' into your workflow everyday. Better yet, have your intern who spends all day on Facebook check it for you, this'll give you more time to post a blog article that auto-publishes to Facebook anyway!

Learn how to use Facebook ads before you jump in

When I first started using AdWords, I jumped right in without any clue what I was doing. Years later I know what I’m doing, but it took a lot of trial and error. Learn from my mistake and do some research on how to maximize Facebook ad potential. This slideshare is a helpful resource.

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