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The Top 5 HubSpot Templates For Your Business

Tue, Mar 24, 2020

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The Top 5 HubSpot Templates For Your BusinessIt’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the functionality and marketing tools available to you in HubSpot. With easy-to-use templates for web design, generating leads, and email campaigns, and all sorts of marketing tools available in the HubSpot universe, it becomes a streamlined, one-stop-shop for your inbound marketing needs. It makes your life so much simpler when your templates are all in one place, and when they do the work for you.

You can use pre-made HubSpot templates to personalize your website and your email marketing campaigns by purchasing them on the HubSpot marketplace. If you haven’t purchased anything on the HubSpot marketplace before, learning to purchase from the marketplace is a fairly simple process, that can make a big impact on your website and your marketing campaigns. 

So if you’re looking for the right template to balance your brand needs with your marketing strategies, I’ve compiled a guide to what I think are the best HubSpot templates out there; they look great, and they offer you lots of options as well. Here they are (in no particular order).

1.  Act 2.1

Act 2.1 does it all (well, almost), and for that, I’m a big fan. It’s a top-purchase (with over 1,000 purchases and a 5-star rating) on the HubSpot marketplace for a reason. You are only limited by your imagination with Act 2.1 because the template pack comes with 82 different page templates and all kinds of additional built-in features. This includes:

  • A password prompt template
  • 56 website page templates
  • 17 different landing page templates
  • 2 blog templates
  • And so much more!

In addition to the outstanding number of templates available to you, and a sleek look that’s incredibly customizable, Act 2.1 also offers lots of other features, like a hero banner, sliders, an advanced gallery, pop-ups, a background image, a sticky sidebar, and lots more. There are countless ways to mix and match features and templates to create a site that really works for you. 

One thing to note about Act 2.1 is that I wish it had an email template that accompanied it. This is something to keep in mind if, like me, you’re looking for a single dashboard for email and web design. You can always download a free email pack as well. Act 2.1 is still very popular for a reason. It’s a great template for creating your website. 

2. CLEAN 6 Premium Pack

If you’re not much for coding, or you want a highly customizable website, CLEAN 6 is for you. And it’s fast. Why? There’s no coding required. CLEAN 6 uses drag-and-drop features, so it’s undeniably easy to use. You also get 2 hours of a template customization service with your purchase of the template, so you can make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

What else can CLEAN 6 do for you? For starters, it offers 9 different email templates that match your website, so you can take all the leads you generate and pour them right into your email marketing campaign and attract and convert new leads. CLEAN 6 is an all-in-one package, with 72 total different templates. 

You also get the following features, among many others:

  • 16 landing page templates
  • 38 webpage templates
  • 2 blog templates
  • 1 subscription preferences template

CLEAN 6 is also a really beautiful template. It’s sleek, modern, and looks great in every configuration I’ve seen. 

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3. Clear Template

I mean, what’s better than free? Don’t worry about investing extra money in a template, especially if you’re a small company or just starting out. If your budget is small, or you’d rather spend your budget elsewhere, you still get a great value with Clear

When you download Clear, you get the following templates:

  • 1 email template
  • 1 landing page template
  • 1 website page template
  • 1 blog template

What I like about Clear is that while it’s free, it still offers you the essentials: You get an email template that matches your landing page and your website, and you get a blog template too. (And remember, B2B companies with blogs generate 67% more leads than those that don’t-- so this is important!)

With Clear, you can customize your brand, and this template also helps with clean coding, and it’s mobile-responsive as well. You can customize each page individually, so you’re not stuck with the same thing for each page. It truly is a great value.

4. Sparkels Theme Pack

Sparkels Template Pack is a very attractive template that I like because it’s easy to use, too. There’s no coding required-- everything is drag and drop, and while it doesn’t offer its own email template, it costs around half as much as Clean 6 or Act 2.1, so you can invest in an email template and still save a little. 

Sparkels is a powerful, dynamic template that’s great for converting customers because there are great landing page options. With Sparkels, you get:

  • 67 website templates, including
    • Service page
    • Site page
    • Team page
    • FAQs
    • Support page
    • And lots more, making it very approachable for visitors
  • 6 landing page templates
  • 3 blog templates

It also comes with a 2-hour consultation, and since everything is drag-and-drop and editing happens in HubSpot Editor, you’ll get a lot of mileage out of that consultation. It has a highly responsive design across multiple platforms, and it’s incredibly user-friendly for your site visitors. 

5. Briefcase

Briefcase is another very popular template package, and with good reason. It’s a relatively easy way to develop a custom website. The package for Briefcase includes lots of options for you:

  • 3 blog templates
  • 49 website templates
  • 1 email template
  • 10 landing page templates

Where I think Briefcase excels though isn’t with its (many) page template options. It’s in the features. You receive 4 hours of training, including onboarding, in the price of the template, along with the following features:

  • Code-free color and style customizations
  • Edit and update in HubSpot Editor
  • Multiple banner styles
  • Limitless customization options

With such an emphasis on landing pages, if you’re looking to generate more leads, Briefcase is the way to go because of its growth-driven design. And, you don’t have to generate your changes in code-- they can happen within the existing template.

So what do you really need to know about finding the right template for you? It’s all about balance: Pairing budgetary needs with functionality. If you’re looking to create a strong email marketing campaign in 2020, then maybe Briefcase is a better fit for your business than Act 2.1. And if your metrics tell you that you need something that’s highly responsive and you’re on a budget, Clear could be perfect for you.

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