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Modern web design - why traditional web design is outdated

Tue, Sep 8, 2015

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Marketing trends and rules are constantly changing. But, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed since the rise of the Internet – serious companies place a lot of effort in their websites. Regardless of the industry in which you operate, you just can’t afford to be ignorant on the benefits that modern web design brings.

Do you have a feeling that your website doesn’t bring you the conversions and profit that you deserve? Well, it’s probably because you're stuck with stale traditional web design.

Why is traditional web design no longer viable?

The world is evolving quickly and customers are surrounded by hundreds of marketing offers every single day. Therefore, both their perceptions and needs are changing. As a marketing professional, it’s your job to provide relevant offers. And, since people nowadays go to search the Internet for almost every need that they have, you need to provide those offers on your website.

Today, the process of filtering relevant offers out of all the available information happens quickly. Customers are not willing to spend much time reading and researching online. They draw their conclusions in a matter of minutes. So, you need to provide quick answers to their crucial questions.


Customers draw their conclusions in a matter of minutes, so you need to provide quick answers to their crucial questions.

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Your website has to clearly communicate why your offers are the right ones for your customers. It needs to explain how these offers can solve their problems and make their lives easier. As mentioned before, people’s needs change. However, you can’t change your offers with the same speed. The only solution is to constantly come up with new ways and aspects of offering the same products and services.

Unfortunately, traditional web design cannot help you in this endeavor. Traditional websites are static. They are one of the greatest obstacles to today’s online marketing.

An outdated website hurts your overall credibility

An outdated website can hurt your brand instantly and cause huge damage to your credibility. Customers do research on companies online. And, we all know how much the first impression matters.

The only thing an outdated website says is that you are out of business. It can also say that you are not aware of the latest trends and you can’t respond to the latest problems and needs of your customers. Or, even worse – it may show that you don't even care at all.

I believe that you don’t want to send any of these messages to your clients. What you need is a site that says that you are there for your customers right now, ready and willing to help them.

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Traditional web design hurts your SEO and your profit

A traditional website can directly stand in the way of reaching customers, which means lots of lost sales. It can provide little or no opportunities for your content to evolve. This is something that search engines do not respond well to.

Failing to adopt modern web design takes away your ability to make regular updates with textual and graphical content. This will inevitably lead to poor rankings. Therefore, you’ll miss on a large number of potential customers.

Another thing that a traditional website deprives you of is the opportunity to leverage social media. Proper social media integration is a must for good SEO nowadays. Moreover, it’s an effective way to enable customer interaction with your company.

Modern web design can help you optimize your site for various devices. This leads to improved usability, website experience, high search engine rankings and more conversions. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to fully optimize a traditional website.

Today, most people access websites from their mobile devices. If they can’t properly interact with your site from those devices, you’ll be losing a huge segment of the market. In fact, mobile responsiveness has become so important, that search engines are practically punishing sites which are not mobile friendly.

Modern web design includes making your website mobile friendly

These are only a few ways in which a traditional website can hurt your SEO. Search engines prefer a distinct set of SEO practices that you just can't get with traditional web design. If you are looking for ways to rank higher in the search engines and increase your sales, it’s time to embrace modern web design.

How modern web design can increase your profit

If your customers cannot find your site easily or they feel that it doesn’t meet their expectations, you’ll lose on a lot profit - until you decide to act. So, it’s important to make sure your website stands out in order to avoid pushing your customers toward your competition.

The only way to achieve this is through modern, growth driven design. As a marketing professional, you are probably aware of the problems associated with traditional website redesign. It disturbs your department, your designers, and your boss, too. There are a few major reasons for this:

  1. Since traditional static website designs only get redesigned once every few years, it’s a huge project for the company that stands in the way of other important projects.
  2. It draws heavily on your money and time resources, and it usually exceeds both your planned time and budget.
  3. It takes months to completely rebuild the site, so trends would have changed in the mean time.
  4. You don’t have the opportunity to test your initial plans and hypothesis. The way users perceive and interact with the site can be totally different from your assumptions.

Modern web design, also known as growth driven design, solves these pain-points. It is agile, on time, and what’s even more important – it’s always on budget. It enables you to make continuous improvements based on validated results.

Unlike traditional web design, modern web design (growth-driven website) is meant to be an ongoing process. Instead of design being this "be-all-end-all" project, you only do the bare minimum it takes to launch the new site. And then you add, modify and tweak the design based on real world feedback.

Thanks to its systematic approach, it minimizes risks and focuses on providing impact through continuous learning about your customer needs and habits. Growth driven design is integrated with both marketing and sales, giving valuable insights for improving current tactics and strategies.

Growth driven design begins with strategy, goals and insights regarding your target audience. As soon as you know who you are addressing and what you want to accomplish, you’ll go a bit deeper. You’ll be able to find out how visitors arrive at your site and what makes them stay and convert, or bounce off it. This will help you improve user experience.

You can then make a list of all the things you want to improve and apply them in your site redesign. As soon as you launch the new site, you’ll start collecting more data so you can continue with the improvements. You’ll be comparing current performance with the goals you have in mind.

You can use customer feedback to develop targeted marketing campaigns. Therefore, you’ll be able to drive traffic to the new pages on your site based on validated information. What's best about this is that you can plan your budget throughout the process and use it where it’s most needed.

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