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Benefits to Using What You Sell

Tue, Mar 9, 2021


When I worked at HubSpot we ate our own dog food. What I mean by that is the company used its own product for itself. HubSpot had its own HubSpot account (several, actually) and the marketing team used the product daily. I’m sure this is still the case today, and even more so since now its CRM system is way better than the Salesforce we used back in the day.

This is what I continue to do for my clients with inbound marketing and HubSpot development. I do inbound and have my website on HubSpot so when I talk to customers about it, I speak as a fellow business owner with experience growing their own business, not as someone just wanting to sell a service.

I’m always experimenting with new tools and strategies for my own business, not because the past stuff isn’t working, but because I want to test it out before I make recommendations to clients. Whether it’s using a social media channel, or testing the frequency of emails or a way of using the HubDB to display data on a page, I try it first so I can anticipate what my clients will need.

These are the kinds of things you should do for your clients as well. If you have a product or service that you could be using for your own business, then do it. The benefits are wide-ranging across your company. You will:

  • continue to push to make your product or service better
  • anticipate the questions the support team will face when something new launches
  • better understand the challenges your prospects are facing
  • encounter your own customers' experience firsthand

I empower businesses and marketers to create automated content systems that elevate sales and delight customers. Here’s how it works.

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