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Neil Patel once said that you can't just place a few "Buy" buttons and expect visitors to buy.

inbound-marketing-ebook-cover-small.pngMarketing has evolved into something far more advanced.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated.

And this guide will show you how.

Discover how inbound marketing works and how to build a strategy that:

  • Will drive ideal customers to your business
  • Create quality content like clockwork
  • Nurture qualified leads and turn them into willing customers

What’s in this eBook?

In this 26 page guide, I'll walk you through my own 10-step process for inbound marketing.

This blueprint has been the backbone of my business for over 5 years.

You'll learn:

  • The 5 inbound marketing bad practices (and why you should avoid them at all cost)
  • A 5-letter word to effectively set up your marketing goals
  • The 7 lead generation content that brings massive traffic to your business
  • How to turn a "Thank-You" page into a lead capturing tool
  • 3 types of customer list (plus the types of content that turn them into buyers)
  • How to write winning blog posts … and why writing for someone else can make influencers promote your business
  • The best times to promote on social media

You’ll find expert tips, data and valuable resources from online marketers on how inbound marketers work.

No fluff.

No theories.

No gimmicks.

Just pure real-world examples backed by industry statistics so you can implement the lessons right away and get results … fast!

"Ashley’s guide is so informative and helpful! Even as someone who already knows a decent amount about inbound marketing, I still found it helpful.

It’s a great guide that covers pretty much everything that has to do with inbound marketing."

Melanie Kernodle