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Are you spending a lot of money on your HubSpot subsciption, but aren't seeing the ROI?

Are you worried your HubSpot account wasn't set up correctly and is bringing down your conversion rate?

I used to work at HubSpot as a support supervisor, and trainer for new hires, and I would frequently hear complaints about the software and system from HubSpot customers. I sometimes hear it now when I first start working with a new client.

There's frustration because you spend a lot of money on HubSpot software, and you're not sure the results are there. Maybe you're a one-person marketing team trying to learn HubSpot AND get things done, or maybe you own your own business and would rather focus on sales over marketing.

Whatever the reason, I can help you make sense of your HubSpot account, and make sure things are set up correctly.

I'll fix things that take less than 10 minutes each, and give recommendations on how you can improve your marketing automation, social media presence or COS website.

This HubSpot Audit service costs $400, and will be completed a week from getting account access. You'll not only have a finely-tuned HubSpot account, but also peace of mind knowing things are being done the right way. Finally, you'll get valuable info on your next steps for improving your inbound marketing efforts.

Get in touch to order your HubSpot Audit.