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"Ashley did great work for us in both creating and hosting a website for several years. She was professional and helpful throughout our relationship."

Mike Sherwood


"Ashley has an excellent knowledge of all aspects of HubSpot. She provided us with all the services and knowledge we needed when we first started using the platform. She helped us bring the vision of our new website to life. Beyond her knowledge of HubSpot she was always willing to help and provide a great service with her speedy response times. Highly recommend Ashley for all aspects of HubSpot!"

Samuel Hurley
Paid & Creative Manager - Kurve Digital Marketing

"I enjoyed working with Ashley. She provided great results for a new web design which was implemented on HubSpot."

Joseph D’Amelio
Wendes Systems

"Ashley has proven to be a positive asset for Beverly Bikes. Her comprehensive knowledge of web promotions combined with her open and direct personality has made the projects we have done with her a pleasure and a success."

Bill Kerr
Beverly Bikes

"Working with Ashley was a great experience. She was very professional and worked quickly to help my company establish a new logo. I would definitely hire her again!"

Paul Zermani
Boston Charity Poker

"I am pleased to recommend Ashley as a graphics designer. I worked with Ashley on the design of a logo and document templates for my new drug discovery consulting firm, Seabury BioScience Consulting. I found Ashley to be creative, talented, and fully engaged in the project. She produced a variety of initial ideas based on a single conversation about the general look I was interested in. She was then entirely open to feedback and very responsive to creating multiple versions of refined designs.

Ashley was also very patient with me during many iterative refinements as I sometimes went back to older designs and sometimes asked for entirely new ideas. Very importantly, she was easy to work with remotely, as we relied extensively on email exchange of designs and feedback along with the occasional phone discussion. In the end she delivered very high quality at a very reasonable price. I would recommend you contact Ashley for any graphic design work you may have."

Ron Wester
Seabury BioScience Consulting

"My colleagues and I very happy with Ashley’s work ethic. The fact that she works independently and she is responsive to our inquiries and concerns are the primary reason we have continued and expended our working relationship. She has many skills that we have been able to benefit from and I have recommended her to my peers/colleagues.

She is the one for you."

Mariah Cajuste
RCI Group, LLC

"Ashley consulted with Swimfish as a web and graphic designer. She did an excellent job of designing a compelling user interface for multiple Swimfish products, created a clear style guide, and constantly created images (as needed) for development.

I would absolutely work with Ashley again."

John F Moore

"Ashley makes website redesigns look easy. It was a pleasure to work with her from start to finish. She was easily accessible, provided guidance on areas that were less defined, and completed the project on a tight timeline and as envisioned. On top of all that, she was great about responding to follow-up tweaks to make sure we were happy with the end result. Working with Ashley was great, and I would definitely hire her again for future web design projects."

Ellie Mirman
VP Marketing - Toast POS

"I started my Cycling Coaching Business about 6 years ago.  In the beginning it was a very small endeavor, and simply using a Facebook was enough.  Over time it grew, and eventually I brought on 2 other coaches, each with their own clients.  I decided that we needed a website, so I built one using GoDaddy.

While it was easy enough to get started, keeping it updated, and loading in new athletes became more than I could bear.  Additionally, I just wasn’t happy with the layout and navigation of the page.  I had been coaching Ashley, and she had mentioned that she would be able to build me a site that met my needs.  After struggling for another 6 months or so on my own, I made the smartest business move I’ve made yet, I hired Ashley to redesign and host my website.

Working with Ashley was easy, she took the ideas that I had, created draft pages for me to look over, developed several iterations for me to get an idea of what was possible, and took my input and used her creative expertise to create the website I had been dreaming of.  The site is now much more professional, giving more credence to my coaching business.  Ashley took the time to walk me through updating the page, adding new athletes and news, and even developed step by step documentation for my athletes and me to help those of us who aren’t as computer savvy as she.

In addition to the revamp of the website, she has added in the ability for me to see how many views the site is getting and what pages are getting the hits.  I was so pleased with the job she did on the website, that I also used Ashley to create flyers for my business.  I had a rough design that I was going to use, but it wasn’t until I had her look it over and come up with her own design, that I saw how pre-school mine looked!  I would recommend using Ashley for all of your design and website needs!  She will work with you to make it yours!

Thanks Ashley, you rock!"

Mark Orton
Speedworks Coaching

"Ashley is a wonderful designer and very pleasant to work with. She is very professional, always met her promise dates, and very open minded to hearing her client’s wants and needs. She is highly recommended by Ly Global Solutions and would definitely be hired again for future work."

Betty Ly
LY Global Solutions

"Ashley has helped out on a wide variety of print media projects from arts and crafts books to financial newsletters. Right from the start, Ashley demonstrated a strong knowledge of the software (primarily InDesign), and an ability to grasp new processes quickly, and in many cases suggest better methods of doing things. Ashley consistently showed the ability to handle a wide-range of duties with equal skill, and was professional and reliable whether working on a visual book on dada art, or a catalog of mutual fund charts and graphs. I would recommend her highly."

John Hall
John Hall Design Group

"In our fast pace environment of product development, Ashley has contributed consistent designs across our products for branding, as well as created key designs for our administration interfaces. Her focus, talent and quick turnaround of these deliverbles has been refreshing and has helped move the projects along. Ashley is wonderful to work with, and is always positive."

Karen Holt


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